Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Epic News

We're excited to announce that RED DIGITAL CINEMA has selected us for their RED EPIC-M program, and we will be receiving our RED EPIC-M camera today!

EPIC-M is a hand-machined model of the RED EPIC that is only being released to people in the film industry selected by RED.  What that means is we are among a very small group that will own the EPIC for it's release.  We're in good company, as James Cameron just bought 50, and Peter Jackson is shooting on the EPIC-M for The Hobbit.

So how much of a head start do we have until the EPIC is available to everybody?  Well, not even RED knows that.  The tragic events of the Tsunami in Japan affected mass production of the EPIC, and it's release is indefinite.  At this point in time the EPIC-M is the only available RED EPIC, and will be for a while.

That being said, we're excited to continue our tradition of being on the bleeding edge of high-end cinema.  Stay tuned for unboxing and first impression videos.  We also plan on doing some heavy shooting to share what the EPIC is capable of.

Until then, check out these great videos other EPIC-M owners have shot!

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