Monday, June 20, 2011

Seven Reasons Advertisers Shouldn’t Worry About Video Production

If you’ve been involved with or heard horror stories of video production, you may get a slight wave of panic and nausea when considering a production. Budgets . . . pre-production . . . location scouts . . . storyboards . . . productions meetings . . . edits . . . revisions . . . transcoding . . . dubbing . . . compositing . . . audio mastering . . . color grading . . .

Feel that first tingle of a migraine in your head yet?

Fear not brave warrior of advertising. We have made a set of thoughts to remember when approaching your decision on whom to work on your next visual masterpiece:

1. We love what we do. Truth be told, we’re total geeks. There’s a good chance that we actually enjoy the things you dread about video production. We’re in this industry because it’s our passion, and we embrace the challenges that others see as headaches.

2. We’re in the business of problem-solving. For a production company, just about every step of the process after the script is written involves figuring out how to make it happen. We do this for a living and solving problems is what we do every day.

3. We know advertising. I worked in an ad agency before coming here, and I’ve worked the knowledge I’ve obtained into how we run our company. We know the difference between a business’ brand, and its branding. We study how to speak to your target audience. We are concerned about your concerns as an ad agency, and want to help you obtain your goals.

4. We love film, and are filmmakers. What does that have to do with your ad? Everything! Almost any spot’s production value will be judged on the same merits as a movie. “Filmic” is almost universally synonymous with high-quality production. Equally important is the way film uses visual language to communicate its message. Commercials these days are like short-form movies, and the good ones share the same qualities as a good film.

5. We want you to be happy.  Let’s face it, if you’re happy with working with us and our work, you’ll want to work with us again. It’s good business. It’s also a core value of Lakeview Productions that maintaining good relationships is one of the most important parts of what we do.

6. We only aim for the highest quality. We are constantly trying to better ourselves creatively and technically in our art. We are very prideful of our work and strive for the same high level of quality in all of projects, no matter the budget.

7. We’re flexible. Our clients vary and logically, so do our projects. We love to explore different styles and genres, and can work on a broad range of budgets. We approach each project with fresh eyes and always are ready to adjust to its needs. Your crew, equipment package, creative approach, and budget will be specific for your project and your needs.

We could make this list much longer, but I think you get the picture. So take a deep breath, relax, and remember we’re here to help. We can make your next production not only bearable, but also fun!