Monday, September 26, 2011

New New New!!!!

We've been busy the last couple months.  Really busy.  The biggest change for us has been moving into our new location.

Our new address is:
811 W. Evergreen Ave. Suite 301
Chicago, IL. 60642.

In addition to this, we've taken order of our second RED EPIC camera.  Our RED EPIC-X will be shipping soon and we're excited to implement it into our existing infrastructure of digital cinema cameras.

We also were involved in the production of a short film titled "Your Milkman" directed by Zacuto's Daniel Skubal.  Our very own (and very talented) Christopher Gearhart was the Director of Photography, and the footage is looking great!

The set of "Your Milkman"

Expect updates sooner rather than later, including more info on the making of "Your Milkman", the new location, and the new RED EPIC-X!